What is grlctux?

grlctux is an online cryptocurrency marketplace that evolves around Garlicoin and Tuxcoin. Users can sell and buy items using these coins. The code for the site is based on what was originally written by discord user ar0n#1462 for grlcBuy, a Garlicoin-exclusive marketplace.

Why should I use this site?

If you have GRLC or TUX available you can purchase something here and save some money instead of paying the fees to get it converted to fiat. If you are interested in getting your hands on some GRLC or TUX you can sell stuff that you don't need anymore.

What is this: +80,-20,80%?

This badge shows a user's ratings. The +80 represents the number of good rated sales and the -20 represents the number of badly rated sales. The percentage shows a seller's success rate.

Does grlctux provide refunds?

Due to the nature of cryptocurrency and the size of grlctux we do not provide refunds. Users must base their decision to participate in transactions based on the user rating system.

Is my account secure?

Yes. Much time has been spent implementing security. All backend code has been reviewed to make sure there are no exploits or leeway where there doesn't need to be. There is even 2FA for those that need it.

What fees are there?

The final seller fee is 5%. The initial anti-spam listing fee is either 1 GRLC or 1 TUX for auctions or buy it now listings (depending on if the listing accepts GRLC or TUX). There is also a nominal 0.1 GRLC or TUX withdrawal fee.

What is allowed to be listed?

Anything that is legal in the United States and your country that you can deliver to the buyer that any resonable person would not find obscene, malicious, or threatening. Anything illegal will be removed and we reserve the right to remove anything that we deem to be obscene, malicious, or threatening.

Why isn't my balance increasing?

Transactions need 6 confirmations before they are counted and added to your balance. This is checked every 30 seconds.

How are purchases locked in?

To bid on or purchase an item you must deposit the appropriate cryptocurrency to your account. This guarantees that bids are final and cannot be cheated.

How is the minimum bid for auctions calculated?

The minimum bid in an auction must either increase the current bid by 2% (rounded up to the nearest whole unit of cryptocurrency after calculating 2% of the price) or increase the current bid by 1 unit of cryptocurrency, whichever is greater.

How does proxy bidding in auctions work?

You can specify the maximum amount you are willing to pay to win an auction and grlctux will automatically bid for you if other bidders bid less than your maximum bid. Keep in mind that the maximum amount you are willing to pay will be frozen and unavailable for use in other listings while you are the highest bidder.

As a seller can I edit my listing after I create it?

You can edit select parts of your listing under certain circumstances by viewing it while logged in. You can edit the title, description, and price of an auction while no bids have been placed. After a bid is placed you can no longer edit the auction. You can edit the title, description, price, and quantity available of a buy it now listing while no sales have taken place. After a sale takes place you can only edit the price and quantity available.

How are passwords stored?

Passwords are hashed using BCRYPT with PHP’s password_hash() function, then stored securely in the database. Even in the event that user passwords are leaked, as long as the password is relatively secure it will not be revealed. Grlctux itself can't crack your password, unless if it's something too simple such as 123456.