2.0.0 | 16 Mar 2019

Launched grlctux!
  • Added support for Tuxcoin (in addition to Garlicoin).
  • Simplified uploading an image for listings.
  • Added limited edit listing support for open listings.
  • Added proxy bidding so that the high bidder can specify the maximum amount they are willing to pay without affecting the current auction price.
  • Minimum bid over an existing bid changed to 2% of price or 1 unit of cryptocurrency (whichever is greater).
  • Withdrawal history now works with bech32 addresses.
  • Paging on main page has been fixed.
  • Added filter options for currency and listing status on main page.
  • Added option to specify how many items to display on a page while viewing listings.
  • Added a convenient "Reply" button for messages in inbox.
  • Added ability to view sent messages to other users.
  • Added formatting of all dates and times so they are displayed according to the user's browser settings.

1.0.2 | 27 Jun 2018

Now over 100 users! Small changes again.
  • Added support for IPv6 addresses.
  • Fixed reCaptcha failing.
  • Added a balance to nav bar.
  • Made cause why not?

1.0.1 | 22 Jun 2018

Vulnerability patches, small improvements and stuff!
  • Fixed an XSS bug found on inbox and notify and thumbnail glitch on home page, discovered by @Vilsol#2060.
  • Added a listing success confirmation.
  • Added a logout success confirmation.
  • Added a "Your the highest bidder" on item page.
  • Added captcha to create listings (avoid spam).

1.0.0 | 19 Jun 2018

grlcBuy has been released in early access!
  • Message for seller after purchase.
  • Captcha added for some more parts.
  • Final tidy up / preparation!

1.0.0-beta | 12 Jun 2018

New filter and MORE SECURITY!
  • Added a "condition" filter for non-digital listings.
  • Two Factor Authentication has been implemented, an extra bit of security for those who need it!

1.0.0-beta | 2 Jun 2018

Rewrote the whole GRLC side of the backend for improved security, performance and stability.

1.0.0-beta | 30 May 2018

New features.
  • Added in Digital/Physical categories.
  • Added a filter for Auction/BuyItNow listings.
  • Optimized and improved login cookies.
  • Changed styling / color scheme on some pages.

1.0.0-beta | 25 May 2018

Optimizations and improvements!
  • Utilized MySQL 'JOIN' function on home page.
  • Optimized importing of scripts.
  • Tuned backend servers (NGINX, PHP, MySQL).
  • Optimized Imgur check on create.php pages.

1.0.0-beta | 18 May 2018

Added some cool things.
  • "Buy It Now" listings.
  • Added a "purchases" table in profile.
  • Improved styling on some pages.

1.0.0-beta | 18 May 2018

  • Made some pretty small changes.
    • Added a 'blog'.
    • Made a backend for the blog.
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